What is qTerm?

qTerm is a smart thermometer and vital signs monitoring device that uses a thermal sensing system and unique Al technology.

QTerm Measures Your Vitals

  • Body Temperature
  • Oxygen level
  • Heart Rate

qTerm provides proximity alert to avoid health risk

In case of approaching a ‘hot zone’ or even a ‘hot person’ just down the street, you can get real-time alerts on your phone and avoid the risk of exposure.

qTerm can be used as an attendance system for students/employees

QTerm can be utilized as an attendance/timecard system for students and employees. Once temperature taken, the system records health data and check-in time and date. The information can be sent to the admin including alerts.

The Device Includes Advanced Sensing Systems. To Measure, One Simply Puts A Finger On The Button For A Few Seconds.

As the user touches and HOLDS the button the system is activated. The button includes sensors to measure the body's vitals. As the user touches and holds the button, the system measures the user’s temperature, heart rate and Oxygen level. qTerm’s AI records the data and keeps history log, generating statistics, and health analysis. In case of abnormalities the system alerts in real-time.

qTerm’s AI builds worldwide
Thermal Map

qTerm builds world’s Thermal Map